Big Data, Big Thinking: Webinar Series

Participate in this webinar series to understand how you can get started with Big Data.  Join our expert speakers as they share their insights and guide you through real-world Big Data examples. For detailed information about the Big Data, Big Thinking webinars and to register, follow the links below.

On-demand webinars

Big Data, Big Thinking

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Security in an age of Big Data and proliferating systems
    With all recent reports about cyber-crime and security breaches, is it any wonder that companies are worried about their assets, or seeking better opportunities to estimate their risk of being exploited? Join this session to find out how SAP’s Identity and Access Management solutions can help allay your concerns. You will also discover what SAP plans to deliver to detect cyber-attacks in your system landscape! The session is part 7 of an SAP middleware Webcast series "Tap into business agility with SAP Middleware solutions", which is very well visited and is greatly perceived!

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Unifying your IT Architecture
    You would see significant cost and efficiency benefits from unifying your data with Hadoop from Hortonworks Inc., then analyzing it with the power of the SAP HANA platform. Join us for our Big Data, Big Thinking: Unifying Your IT Architecture Webinar and see how these two companies can help you get more from Big Data.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Uncover Untapped Opportunities with Big Data Analytics
    Extend the power of Big Data across your organization with advanced analytic solutions – ranging from predictive analytics, agile visualizations and text analytics. Discover how you can use predictive analytics to uncover trends, patterns, and untapped opportunities hidden in Big Data. Help business users make rapid sense of Big Data with high-impact visualizations. Find nuggets of useful information in unstructured text to uncover new insights. Learn how analytic solutions form SAP can help you empower all people with Big Data insights.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking:  Improve Operations with Insights from Big Data Applications
    The ability to capture, monitor, and analyze large amounts of data to respond quickly in real-time enables organizations to gain competitive advantage. In this joint webinar with Accenture, we’ll provide an overview of how Big Data is relevant to industries such as mining and oil & gas. We’ll explore how digital data is impacting the way organizations work, and how new types of data and technology can help you be more effective. Discover how Big Data applications for predictive maintenance and equipment effectiveness can help your company run better.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking:  Data Science in Action
    Join us for this webinar and discover how data science can help you unlock the real value within Big Data. Learn how businesses in retail, supply chain, utilities, and manufacturing are benefiting. Plus, put your questions to SAP’s data science expert.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: The Big Opportunity
    It’s not the size of your data that matters, but what you do with it. Big Data represents a fast-growing, multibillion dollar opportunity worldwide, as we reveal in our latest webinar in the “Big Data, Big Thinking” series. Hear the latest research findings from IDC, and learn from SAP how to capitalize on The Big Opportunity and track your Big Data maturity.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Customer Engagement
    Listen to experts from SAP and Capgemini will introduce customer engagementintelligencetools that sales and marketing professionals can apply to Big Data to get an up-to-the-minute view of what customers value. Discover how to help them unlock sentiment and contact insights, and increase their influence through precision-targeted marketing tactics and timelier interventions in the sales cycle.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking: Optimal IT Architecture
    Start your journey by understanding how you can use Big Data to maximize your business performance.  In this webinar you will learn how to design an optimal Big Data architecture for your organization.  Discover how an integrated platform enables you to acquire, analyze, and act on Big Data quickly to achieve competitive advantage.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking:  Pervasive Intelligence
    Hear from IDC and SAP experts on the challenges and benefits of unleashing Big Data analytics across the enterprise, and discover how customer, operational and predictive intelligence can help you optimize decision-making and generate better business outcomes.

  • Big Data, Big Thinking:  Operationalizing the Buzz
    The world of Big Data is maturing at a dramatic pace. Attend this Webcast to learn how innovative companies are using Big Data. Discover how organizations are implementing a hybrid data management system to gain value from operational and analtyical databases, EDWs, and NoSQL data stores. And learn how SAP solutions for Big Data can help gain real value from Big Data in real-time. Register now and get a FREE copy of EMA´s report “Operationalizing the Buzz: Big Data

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